Planning your wedding yourself? 

Need a little "love" to get through the stress? Check out our virtual planning services! We created specialized services (or as we call it, love) to help make your wedding planning less overwhelming 

and affordable! We will talk you through any wedding situation you are unsure of, negotiate those lengthy contracts for you, or given walk you through how to use the simple budget and timeline templates we have created throughout our years of planning!

We are here for you!


Weddings should be fun!

And so is the planning!

Bride after Bride after Groom tells us how overwhelmed they are with all the details.  Yes we know there are invitations and flowers and cake flavors and colors and bridesmaids (oh did we say bridesmaids!) and so much more!  We have created the ideal organization that allows you to ask questions, make decisions, and still spend quality time with your fiance (while not arguing about wedding details!).


You can't add minutes to a day!

You probably get up early, go to the gym, try to get to work on time, come home, make dinner, walk the dog, clean the house, take out trash....and all while tying to figure out when you are going to plan a wedding.  You've got you covered!  Our high tech, yet easy to use, virtual services will allow you to talk to us from anywhere.  No need to add extra time in your day, talk to us in the Uber, on the treadmill, or during your lunch break.


We can save you money!!

That's a big promise, huh?  Don't worry (or stress) we really can!  Between our auto calculating budget sheets, years of experience (yes we may be getting "old" but that just means we know tricks and shortcuts you don't), and not to mention our contract negotiations, we can save you money you thought you had to spend!  Use that savings for something on your wish list or keep it and make your parents really happy!

Packages and Services that fit all budgets

We have created packages and specialized services that give you the exact amount of guidance you want for you wedding.  The day is all about you after all!  We are just here to help you as much or as little as you want us to!

Click below to send us a time and date (including time zone you are in) and we will schedule a free virtual chat with you!

specialized LOVE


Do you really need all the services traditional planners provide (and charge you for)? Probably not!

We allow you to pick and choose which services best fit your needs.

Choose from:

Complete Wedding Checklist

Timeline Outline

Timeline Creation

Budget Creation

Arranging of a Room Block 

 Virtual/Phone Chat (15 min) 

Virtual/Phone Chat (25 min) 


Contract Review 

Contract Negotiation  

package LOVE

a little LOVE


The a little LOVE package is not only budget conscious but if you need that little push to stay on track and someone (with wedding experience) to bounce ideas off of, this is for you!

Expert help for all budgets!

a lotta LOVE


You've got a lotta LOVE here and it's just for you!

This package not only includes what the a little LOVE does but it additionally gives you more time on calls with us, more of our time researching so you don't have to, and even a customized budget to follow!

extra LOVE


extra LOVE isn't just the name of the package, it's what we are putting into your wedding.  This package has checklists, a customized budget, time with us on chats, contract reviews, research, and even a customized timeline so your special day has an organized plan for everyone to follow!

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As you can see we are a little different than your traditional wedding planners, feel free to email us but we would really love to chat with you on the Free Virtual Chat!  Whether it's a little, a lotta, or extra love, let's hear from you!

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