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Kristin Sullivan

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The Wedding Planner

Over 2 decades in Celebration Planning Kristin works exclusively with a limited number of couples each year.

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The Author

International Best Selling Author | A Wedding Journal & Planning Guide, Guest Contributor for Tacari Weddings, Co-Author of She Rises for Tomorrow and Host of “Just as Planned”, a wedding tv show and podcast.

The Mentor

Kristin is the Mentor for The Wedding Academy Global, representing The United States, Canada & Caribbean Islands. Kristin loves to guide, advise and share her own journey after decades in the destination celebration space.

The Speaker

Kristin Co-Hosted the 2020 Global Wedding Business Summer Festival. She will be a Guest Speaker at Wedding MBA Las Vegas 2021. She is an advocate for female entrepreneurs and a passionate supporter of small businesses.

The Advisor

Kristin has Founded several small businesses as well as Advised other Female Entrepreneurs on their new business ventures. She is a Founding Dare to Declare Certified Vision Board Facilitator; guiding Entrepreneurs in the Wedding Industry to create a clear vision for their future.

Retreat to Plan | 1:1 with Kristin or have Kristin host a Vision Board Experience for your entire Team.

The Entrepreneur Escape in Florida.

The Inventor

Kristin is the Creator of The Bridal Retreat, a holistic experience for Brides to Be. She also created a bed & breakfast designed specifically for couples to escape to plan their wedding. During the Pandemic she created, developed and launched a retail line to reduce stress for both wedding planners and wedding clients. Learn more about her creations: The Bridal Retreat, IDOIN30 planning card deck, Planning-Moons, and Hip-Betty.

The Vlogger

Join Kristin live on Facebook
Sunday at 10am (EST)
Where Kristin shares conversations with other industry experts and chats all things weddings while drinking champagne in her pjs and eating leftovercake!

Past episodes found on our YouTubeChannel.

The Giver

Kristin is passionate about giving back. One of her favorite events growing up was the school book fairs, she now loves to help bring book fairs to schools that do not have them in their budgets. She has a mission to build a wedding chapel for Veterans to exchange vows for free. She is a lover of dogs and someday hopes to open a rescue ranch pairing senior dogs with Senior Citizens on outings.

The Web TV &
Podcast Host

Kristin is the Host of “Just As Planned” a web tv show and podcast where you can find everything you need to plan and be inspired to create your dream day.

She chats it up with industry experts from all around the world to find out their passion for weddings and events and to share their expertise with you.

Kristin Sullivan Wedding Planner

I am a dog Mom and work from a vintage camper/mobile office named Betty after my Grandmother. I share my time between Naples, Florida, and Nashville, Tennessee. I’ve spent decades planning and executing destination experiences as the owner of Swivel Group Events, a destination planning company providing 360 degrees of detail designing unforgettable weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and corporate VIP experiences for thousands of clients. The mission is simple, a passion for helping others celebrate milestone moments in life. I’ve expanded my business to include holistic experiences for Wedding Colleagues and Wedding Clients. Through these interactive experiences, I am able to help more people and dive deeper into the world of wellness. Now known for “marrying wedding planning to wellness” I lead retreats with an abundance of industry knowledge, a heart full of kindness, a positive mindset, and a safe space for clear focus & navigation ahead.

My work has been featured in several magazines, ABC Primetime, and quoted on, among other publications. Hospitality fills my heart, the Entrepreneur Escape is held at my Florida Airbnb where we will work 1:1 to find clarity on your path.

“A diamond is just a piece of charcoal that handled stress exceptionally well.”

– Anonymous

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